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Imagine a large group of people who are really passionate about kids. Imagine someone inspiring and empowering that group of people to do something about the 1.1 billion children living in poverty. Imagine what could happen next…Now, imagine that someone is YOU! With our sponsor a child initiative we aim to demonstrate God’s love and carry out His justice by helping those in need. We are looking for people with the financial means to sponsor a child on a monthly basis. Your sponsorship will be deposited into the Inspire bank account, and New Life Church staff and volunteers will purchase food and clothing for the child you sponsor and deliver it to their household once-a-month. Sponsorship is not just a financial transaction. Sponsorship is a special relationship built on both measurable, tangible gifts, and on the intangible – a Kingdom connection between two people that transcends language and culture, and broadens our understanding of what it means to be a part of the Kingdom of God. The total monthly sponsorship amount that we need to clothe and feed a child is R500.00

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